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You Canít Go Wrong with Shabby Chic Furniture

Achieve effortless elegance in decorating your home with Shabby Chic Furniture inside and outside. Shabby chic in furniture means aged furniture. Whether there are obvious signs of wear and tear or there is a distressed appearance to it, this kind of furniture is perfect for cottages and vacation homes but these pieces of antique-looking furniture can make any kind of residence look unique.

Old furniture inside your home can instantly be shabby chic by bringing in a lot of white and neutral colours into your living room. Second hand shops and flea markets have aged furniture which are comfortable, with curved lines that softly show vintage flair that can be painted and distressed to reflect a time worn look. To complement your shabby chic furniture, walls painted white interwoven with pastel pink, light beige and robin egg shell blue can create a striking overall feel to any room in your house.

Timeless and Comfortable

Give your window treatment, slip covers and arm chair covers soft fabrics to use like cotton, toiles, lace and chenille in floral designs. Picture frames in silver or gold. A small chandelier with crystals on the ceiling that turn pink or blue when sun light hits it. Fresh flowers in crystal vases or green plants in pots. These would all go hand-in-hand in acquiring a refreshing shabby chic look without breaking the bank.

Timeless and comfortable, your Shabby Chic Furniture can make your garden a beautiful continuation of the shabby chic style of your homeís interior. Again, old furniture like a garden set, its wood distressed and combined with steel or copper, fenced by a row of salvia, catmint and different colour variants of roses, spells shabby chic instantaneously.

A Chandelier in the Bathroom is the Ultimate Shabby Chic

Even your bathrooms can have that shabby chic look. Use wire or wicker baskets for storing soaps and potpourri, hang up vintage door knobs on the wall as towel hooks and have your cabinets panelled with glass doors. Have the entire bathroom walls in a light pink or egg shell blue.

Accessorise with old school table mirrors that flip over and arrange a row of vintage perfume bottles filled with hand soap, body lotion and liquid soap on the sink. If you have a shower in your bathroom, use an off-white or beige-coloured fabric as your shower curtain. Hang curtains made of fabrics in soft pastels in your bathroom windows. Gauze linen is perfect for large windows. Have a full-length mirror made from chipped wood in the bathroom.

Your shabby chic bathroom furniture should include plain wooden pieces painted in a pastel colour. Have a canopy over the bathtub and a pastel-coloured bathroom rug. However way you want to style your home the shabby chic way, remember to always coordinate old materials in pastel or light colours. Oh, and donít forget to hang a mini chandelier in your bathroom to go with all the other pieces of Shabby Chic Furniture you already have for the ultimate shabby chic look.

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